Welcome to SPECFAIRe, a monthly minicon put on by creatives for creatives. We bring together the best speculative art, music, writing and events every month right here. Whether you participate as a merchant, a presenter or spectator, there will be plenty of opportunity to learn new things, make new friends and build community. 
ATTN: Due to some computer issues, SPECFAIRe is postponed until further notice.




Noon CST GHOST STORY LIVE: THE NUKEKUBI Angela Yuriko Smith will kick off the festivities with a live storytelling of the time a nukekubi ghost chased her out of a house in Tennessee, the story behind THE NUKEKUBI poem in the newly released TORTURED WILLOWS. Question and answer session to follow.

1 pm CST SPOOKY TIARA WORKSHOP & MUSIC* Amy Zoellers teaches a class on how to make a Halloween themed tiara to put some morbid magic into your holidays.

2 pm CST HOW AN ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET HELPS SELL FICTION An Interview with Leonard Speiser* Leonard Speiser sold his first fiction story to Space & Time magazine #139. How did he navigate the slush piles of 2020? In this interview he shares how he used his entrepreneurial and innovative mindset to create work that rises to the top, a place Speiser knows well. He’s the mind behind several technology companies including Clover (sold to First Data) and Bix (sold to Yahoo!), he previously worked at eBay, Intuit, and CSFB.

3 pm CST SPEAKING WITH POETRY AND POWER An Interview with Linda D. Addison* Linda D. Addison is the author of five award-winning collections, including How To Recognize A Demon Has Become Your Friend. She is the first African-American recipient of the Horror Writers Association’s (HWA) Bram Stoker Award and has also received the HWA Lifetime Achievement Award, HWA Mentor of the Year Award, and Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association Grand Master Award.

4 pm CST MEET THE PUBLISHERS: SPACE & TIME’S LINZNER, SILVERMAN & SMITH* The three publishers of Space & Time magazine are together for the first time in one (virtual) room to share the history of this publication since 1966. Founder Gordon Linzner, Hildy Silverman and current publisher Angela Yuriko Smith discuss where the magazine has been, how it has evolved and what the future may look like for Space & Time.

4 pm CST TORTURED WILLOWS RELEASE DAY RE-RUN* Join three of the four authors of the newly released poetry collection Tortured Willows as they discuss how poetry speaks for those not given a voice.  Lee Murray, Geneve Flynn, Angela Yuriko Smith and K.P. Kulski join in a pre-recorded panel discussion moderated by Rena Mason. A replay from yesterday.

5 pm CST TERRIFYING TAXES & CARNIVOROUS COPYRIGHTS with Lawyer Chris Brown & CPA Meghan Hovee* Ever wish you could just ask a professional about things like copyrights, LLCs, managing your financial records, taxes and all the other scary parts of being in business as a creative? Chris Brown from Pixel Law and Meghan Hovee from Hovee CPA have graciously agreed to share their time and expertise.

6 pm CST SCREENING OF PIRANTULAS! Short Horror Film Angela Yuriko Smith will close out the festivities with a short, silent amateur film project she directed based on her short story of the same name. Filmed in Niceville, Florida, the film was created with the help of cast and crew. Live event.