Casual hangout spots available for socializing, we have two open forums perfect for networking and meet ups. Those who prefer Pragli as a platform will be able to use the Pragli Pub during SPECFAIRe and anytime they want to get together in a casual environment. Those who prefer the metaverse experience can hang out in the Writers Cafe in Second Life. Please respect other patrons. We reserve the right to eject and ban patrons that inhibit the enjoyment of others. BYOB and enjoy!


Come hang out in the Pragli Pub and chat for the SPECFAIRe after party. Use video, voice only or create a free Pragli avatar to join in the fun. From 7 pm CST…?


Writers Block Cafe in Second Life is always open for those who appreciate the metaverse experience. Plenty of seating either on the main floor or on the catwalk overhead, it’s the perfect place for intimate conversations and small group meetings. Plenty of atmosphere and all the virtual treats are gluten-free and free.